Your appeal

You must have a final determination by Social Security Scotland before you can appeal to the Chamber.  

Making an Appeal

If you feel that Social Security Scotland has made a mistake when deciding whether you are entitled to a benefit you can make an appeal. This includes a decision on whether you are eligible for a grant or on the amount of benefit paid.

An appeal can be made after you receive notice of the re-determination by Social Security Scotland or after being notified by Social Security Scotland that they have failed to re-determine the benefit in time.

You can let Social Security Scotland know that you wish to appeal by:

  • Filling in the appeal form which came with your re-determination decision letter, or by
  • Calling 0800 182 2222, to complete the form over the phone.

You must appeal within 31 days from the date of your re-determination letter.

Read more about how to submit an appeal.

Appeal about the process

On occasion there may be a reason to appeal if you feel the process has not worked correctly.

You can do this if:

  • Social Security Scotland told you that your application for benefit has not been accepted
  • Social Security Scotland told you that your re-determination request did not have the correct information 
  • Social Security Scotland told you that your re-determination request was late and that you had no good reason for the delay

With this type of appeal you need to apply directly to the Chamber.

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