Claiming expenses

You may be able to claim for reasonable expenses for going to the tribunal hearing, for example:

  • travel expenses to cover your fare if you use public transport
  • travel expenses of 31.4p per mile if we have agreed that you can drive to the hearing
  • if you are away from home for more that 5 hours you can claim up to £5.71, or if you are away for more that 10 hours you can claim up to £12.17
  • you may also be able to claim for loss of earnings and care expenses for a child minder.

You will be given a claim form when you go to the hearing and the Hearing Clerk will provide help on the day. 

We will provide a reply paid envelope.

You will need to have proof of travel and expenses, for example:

  • receipts
  • a letter from your employer for loss of earnings