Claiming expenses


You may be able to claim for reasonable expenses for going to the tribunal hearing, for example:

  • travel expenses to cover your fare if you use public transport
  • travel expenses of 25p per mile for taking a car or motorbike, 27p per mile if you're travelling with a supporter on a car or motorbike (If you're travelling together with a supporter, only one of you can claim for travel expenses)
  • if you are away from home for less than 10 hours, you can claim up to a maximum of £4.25 or more than 10 hours, you can claim up to a maximum of £11.40
  • you may also be able to claim for loss of earnings

    You can claim appellant expenses online. Our digital payments service ensures prompt payment of expenses through our self service claim website found at https://deps.scotcourts.gov.uk/. Please ensure you read the expenses guidance fully before submitting your claim.

    For help in completing the claim or if you have any questions please contact the central digital expenses team by email at expenses@scotcourts.gov.uk or by telephone on 0808 196 9138.

    The Digital Expenses Payment System has been developed by SCTS to allow you as an appellant to claim for expenses online, either by using your mobile phone or a computer. The system enables your claim to be processed quickly and payments to be made directly into a bank account nominated by you.

    How will I receive payment?

    Your claim will be checked and verified within 5 working days of the claim being submitted and if the claim is accepted you will receive an email from NatWest Bank asking you to claim your payment. The payment is made into your bank account, normally within a few hours. If you have chosen the post office option, you will receive an SMS message from the post office with instructions on how to collect the cash payment.


    How do I Claim Expenses?

    Please click on the link below which will take you to the Digital Expenses website to allow you to complete your claim online, this will take you through the process step by step –


    To apply for Digital Expenses click on the following link - https://deps.scotcourts.gov.uk/


    The ‘Additional information about attending your tribunal hearing’ document offers guidance on how to submit a successful claim and what can be claimed for


    To claim loss of earnings, you should first ask your employer to provide evidence of the lost income before payment can be made (for example headed notepaper or an invoice).

    Please also remember to upload any receipts/tickets for any other expenses you are claiming e.g. travel/other expenses.

    If you fail to include any certificates or receipts this may delay your claim being processed and your claim may not be paid if they cannot be produced.

    The certificates and receipts can be uploaded as the following file types:


    PDF’s; or


    If a file does not upload if may be due to the file type being incorrect or the file size being too large.